There is a tiger in this room that hears and understands everything we say and sees and judges everything we do.
You may not be able to see the tiger but that is only because you are ignorant and haven’t reached the stage of spiritual perfection necessary. I had to spend forty days and nights in isolation and prayer before I could see the tiger. But I say unto you that the tiger can come into your hearts and you can feel him close to you if you hearken unto his words which I shall convey unto you and if you scrupulously obey his commandments.
Every word I say shall have come from the tiger. If anyone, however, dares to utter any word that the tiger has not said and yet claims that he speaks on behalf of the tiger then the tiger shall surely stretch out his claw and tear that deceitful one to shreds. Will you not then believe?
There are those who say that I am mad and have made up what I am telling you. Haven’t I given you an exact description of everything that is in this room before telling you about the tiger? Is that the action of a madman? Why should I lie now? Do not test the tiger’s patience with your ignorant questions.
Are not these words couched in the most perfect language and style? Are you so clever that you can match these paragraphs or sentences or even words? Of course you cannot because they are not my words but the words that the tiger has commanded me to utter. You know that I am an uneducated man with no imagination.
Listen, study and obey the words of the tiger and you will attain enlightenment and inner peace. But those who mock and say there is no tiger and would deceive you only serve to deceive themselves. Although the tiger sees full well what they do, yet he is wise and patient and thereby tests the faith of the believers.
Struggle, therefore, against the disbelievers and do not let their lies deceive you. Verily those who shall attain success are those who affirm that they are witnesses to the tiger in the room and are witnesses that I am the mouth of the tiger.